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5 Reasons to Support the Ottawa Symphony

We’re releasing 5 great reasons to support our orchestra on Facebook once a week for 5 weeks! Find the round-up below…

We love this city as much as we love music (and anyone who’s been to a concert knows that’s a LOT).

For over 50 years, the Ottawa Symphony has been nurturing Canada’s rising musical stars while bringing together passionate music lovers from all over the region to savour the big, dynamic sounds of great orchestral composers. But more than that, the Ottawa Symphony is comprised of musicians who not only play in Ottawa, but who live and work here as well. It’s music by our community, for our community.

Every Friday in the weeks leading to the last concert of our 2018-19 season, we’ll be sharing 5 of the most important reasons to support the Ottawa Symphony.

Reason #1: Because you want to keep hearing large-scale orchestral works LIVE!

We take FULL advantage of our large ensemble of musicians. This means we're able to present the monumental works which have over the years become part of our identity. Our new home offers an intimate setting to listen to the big, full sounds of composers like Bruckner, Mahler, Wagner and Strauss and makes for an unforgettable experience for seasoned audiences and newcomers alike!

Feedback from concertgoers this year, from our regular subscribers to new ticket buyers, has been very positive and has reinforced our belief that a new home for our orchestra was sorely needed.

As we approach the last concert of our 54th season, we look to the future. We now know that every concert costs about $80,000 to put on. As we work towards a sustainable future, know that every donation—whether through lottery ticket purchases, event attendance, or regular donations—makes a big difference and not only ensures we can keep doing what we’re doing, but also ensures that we can try new things and keep pushing the envelope with innovative projects like our 3D StringTheory Experience.

Reason #2: Because you want to make sure Ottawa’s dynamic art scene continues to grow

What is a capital city without its own high calibre professional orchestra? For over 50 years, we have brought together the best of the region’s deep pool of skilled and talented musicians to proudly make music for the community. Now, in our magnificent new home at Carleton’s up-and-coming Dominion Chalmers arts centre, we and our partners in many disciplines are excited to be bringing audiences richer and more diverse cultural experiences. By championing our city’s historic orchestra, you ensure the strength and longevity of a prestigious cultural pillar in our global, entrepreneurial city.

Reason #3: Because having a space where you can connect with other music lovers is important

Throughout the year, Ottawa Symphony concerts attract passionate and knowledgeable music lovers from all over the region, who gather to be transported by excellent music played with passion. Whether we grew up with orchestral music or discovered it later; whether music lifts our spirits or offers solace; whether we come as individuals or from the desire to commune and celebrate art; the Ottawa Symphony lets us set aside our day-to-day lives and revel in the enormously moving beauty of music. Musicians and aficionados alike can indulge a love for music and the tribe it brings together by supporting our Orchestra.

“Music elevates the spirit and cleanses the soul.”
George Haynal, Former OSO Board President and long-time supporter

Tune in on Friday for Reason #4

Jaime Douglas