Ottawa Symphony
Alain Trudel, Music Director | Directeur artistique

Program Notes

Ottawa Symphony Program Notes 2018-19

The Ottawa Symphony has the distinct pleasure to present program notes written by Dr. David Gardner.


Opera Amore

"Tonight, there is plenty to give you thought for your next visit to the shower: great arias, great choruses aplenty. It will be like an illicit visit to the opera candy store. Make sure you have a dental appointment booked!"


Mahler V

"That it took such a long time to reach a satisfactory solution, even though he was already renowned for his superb control of orchestral colour, indicates how enormously difficult was the task he had set himself. On all fronts, then, this was a new beginning. It was not a tag end of the old century spilling over into the new."


At the Proms!

"At the end of the score Rachmaninov wrote: “I thank thee, Lord.” So might we!"

From Austria with Love

"Words can describe the elaborate harmonic progressions that are the basis of his music, they can describe the structural details of each movement, but they cannot properly describe what the ear hears, the mind receives, the soul responds to."


3D Stringtheory

Click below to learn about Harry Stafylakis' process when writing the commissioned piece premiered at this event! Dr. David Gardner also gives us some insight on Jeffrey Ryan's chocoholism and Jean-Féry Rebel's rebellious nature